Annual Report 2016

An orphan is defined as a child who has lost one or both parents.  Statistics are always challenging when discussing orphan care, as the vulnerable are generally the forgotten—the uncounted.  But the estimates are astounding.  Of the 150 million orphans in this world, an estimated 17.6 million are double orphans.  An estimated 1 million children have been abandoned and live in orphanages in China.  Approximately 15,000 children are in foster care in Indiana.  2,731 children in Indiana are waiting—meaning they have had parental rights removed but no adoptive family identified.  These children are generally older, a part of a sibling group, and/or have special needs.  At age 18, these children age out of the foster system without parents.  Around the world, children age out of orphanages.  Children who age out of foster care or an orphanage without being adopted have higher rates of incarceration, homelessness, being involved in trafficking, and early death.  One consistent adult can change everything.  Family can change everything.

We know that children can heal in the context of safe, loving, and consistent family.  And we know the challenges that come from parenting children from hard places.  This is why we have created opportunities for the church as a whole to wrap around these families.

Holistic Orphan Care

To have a holistic orphan care model, we must focus on each aspect of the orphan care crisis.


  • Identify and treat the root issues: poverty, cultural barriers, disease, and generational abuse and neglect
  • Safe Families for Children


  • Foster Care
  • Mentoring


  • Adoption
  • Trauma Care

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