Annual Report 2016 – Adoption


When the Live 1:17 Ministry started in 2011, the main focus was adoption. The group that launched the ministry were adoptive parents, had gone on mission trips to orphanages, or otherwise had a heart for adoption. Our adoption grant was established in 2013 and we’ve seen steady growth ever since. The total number of adoptive families is always a complicated count, as these families tend to come in and out of our ministry on an “as needed” basis. But the stories God writes continue to amaze us. One family who is new to the area and not yet well connected at Traders Point first heard about Live 1:17 in an email that was sent out before our event in November. They had previously adopted their son from China, and struggled to find others who had walked in their shoes since their move. After connecting with others at our event and at the women’s fellowship, the mom said she had finally found “her people.” We shortly after discovered that another family in our ministry had a son from the same orphanage and lived together for about a year (Maria’s Big House of Hope in Luoyang, Henan Province, China). This is also the same orphanage two of the founders of our ministry visited in 2011!