Annual Report – Focus for 2017

Our main focus for 2017 will be to tangibly support our families in a consistent, sustainable way.  Since we know orphan care is best done in the context of community, our service opportunities will be much less transactional and much more relational.  Our biggest push will be Care Communities.  We also want to support our Safe Families host families by training more family coaches, as we currently do not have any volunteer family coaches on our team.

Another focus of 2017 will be building relationships with outside organizations like DCS, agencies, and community programs.  Live 1:17 will never make formal partnerships with these organizations, but we want to work together to fill in the gaps.  We are thankful for the relationships built so far, specifically with Boone and Hendricks County DCS, Children’s Bureau, and Child Advocates.

Ultimately we want more people to know Jesus.  Whether that is an adopted child, a biological parent, or a social worker, we want to bring light to the darkness surrounding broken families and vulnerable children.  The gospel compels us to act—to live out God’s promises to the orphan—so that hearts will be awakened to adoption in Christ.