Annual Report – Safe Families

Safe Families

Our push for Live 1:17 Weekend 2015 was Safe Families for Children. In 2016 we hosted three one-day training opportunities in our area and saw many families step up to host. The numbers below are astounding, and it’s safe to say that Safe Families for Children of Central Indiana is still trying to figure out how we did what we did. We are frequently told that we have some of the best families. They are willing to take the most difficult children, the messiest cases, and the longest placements. They are willing to do so because they are supported, encouraged, and loved by their church. We are also able to include host families under our support umbrella that attend other churches in Zionsville that do not have a Safe Families ministry.

The Smith Family knew God was calling them to care for vulnerable children, but Indiana State law would not let them become licensed foster parents because they already have 7 children.  Though Safe Families didn’t seem like the best fit for their busy family, they sensed God calling them and said yes in obedience.  They accepted a placement for 2 children that they moved to their school district.  They learned quickly that these children spent most of their life in foster care, and their wonderful foster parents were pursing adoption.  Mom already had her parental rights removed – dad had demonstrated that he was unable to parent, but was indecisive about letting the foster family have legal guardianship.  The Smith’s fought hard to get these kids back to their foster parents, and were even able to get the judge to come in on his day off to hear the case.  On December 23rd, 2016, the foster parents obtained legal guardianship of the kids they raised, and they will be able to spend Christmas together and start at their new school in January.  Before she left, one of the children said to them, “”I’ll miss you, but now you get to help another kid.”  The Smith’s say despite what felt like confusion and closed doors in the beginning “He has woven a story of restoration and all we had to do was quit trying to figure it all our ourselves and trust Him.”