Praying for the Brokenness

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us…

Ephesians 3:20

This verse has been running through our church lately.  It is a verse I have known since I was a child and can quickly skim over, but when I stop to rest on it, the meaning really begins to grow.  We all know how broken the foster care system is.  We all see the hopelessness that hovers over bio parents, caseworkers, and the court system.  But the thing is, I have to believe that God is still moving because I read in HIS word over and over how much he cares for the orphan.  I see the commandments that he has called us to care for these children and it is not a coincidence that we are seeing men and women in our church say yes to this calling at the same time there is a rise in children needing safe places to live.   So when we accept this path and we take children into our home, what then?  Of course we care for their physical needs, we address their emotions, and we do the very best we can to take the pieces they come to us with and start putting them back together.  But I don’t want to miss what I believe is the most important opportunity we have.  We have access to God, the all mighty God who tells us that HE can do far more than we can ever even imagine.  So we pray.  We pray that he will intercede into their stories.  We pray that he will reconcile families and heal deep wounds.  We pray for safety and protection for little ones and big ones that are still learning to use their voices.  We pray for the broken system that frustrates us to no end.  We pray for caseworkers that don’t return phone calls.  We pray for bio parents even when we cannot understand why they make the decisions they do.  We pray for overworked and underappreciated guardian ad litems.  We pray because we serve a God who has immeasurable power and who loves every single person that is part of this big ol’ mess.

I have this vision of everyone in the Live 1:17 ministry praying each day for the foster care system.  What if every single one of us prayed at 1:17pm?  What is just beyond what we can imagine?  How could this one (really powerful) thing change Indianapolis?

MondayBiological parents

  • Relationships between foster parents and bio parents
  • Support and mentors to come into their lives
  • Healing – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Wisdom and strength to make the right choices for their kids
  • Ability/opportunity to witness to and share the Gospel with bio parents

Tuesday – Kids in foster care

  • Teens aging out of the system
    • Christ following mentors to come into their lives
  • Kids entering new homes
  • Kids sleeping in offices and shelters to find good homes and foster parents that can care for their needs
  • Kids being reunited with their bio parents
  • Kids waiting for a forever family
  • Siblings who are separated
  • Healing – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Kids to experience the love of Jesus Christ

Wednesday – DCS/licensing agencies/visitation supervisors

  • Wisdom and endurance for supervisors, caseworkers and support workers
  • Passion and dedication to their jobs
  • Discernment and attention to detail for visitation supervisors
  • Removal of unnecessary barriers hindering the welfare of the children
  • Speediness for cases and decisions
  • Workers to feel loved and supported by the Church
  • Workers to experience the love Jesus Christ

Thursday – Court system

  • Wisdom and discernment for judges, guardian ad litems, and CASA volunteers
  • More guardian ad litems and CASA volunteers to rise up
  • Attorneys working for DCS and bio parents
  • Speediness for cases and decisions

Friday – Foster parents

  • Guarding our witness and showing love
  • Patience as we work with caseworkers, the court system and all who involved in the case of the child
  • Protection over our marriages and unity in our mission
  • Support through Care Communities
    • That each family will have a Care Community
  • Keeping our eyes on the eternal impact fostering a child is making
  • To be educated and equipped to love kids from hard places
  • Willingness to adopt children in foster care waiting for their forever families

Saturday – The church

  • More Christ followers to become foster parents
  • More Care Communities – enough to provide support to foster parents outside of TPCC and show Christ’s love for them in this way
  • The Live 1:17 ministry – for wisdom as we lead, direction from God as we carry out our mission making every family feel supported and loved
  • Families that are considering foster care and are battling worry and doubts to have the courage to say yes
  • Mentors who are willing to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children
  • More church leaders to commit to serving the foster care community

Sunday – Government/Society 

  • Government officials commit to ending foster care crisis
  • Government funding for DCS workers to be hired and trained
  • Community at large to be educated in foster care
  • Society to welcome foster kids and adults

Katie Shriner is a mom to one biological child and two foster children.  She has a heart for the vulnerable children, families, and child welfare workers in our city.  She is the Foster Care Team Leader for the Live 1:17 Ministry.