Domestic Adoption

There are approximately 116,000 domestic adoptions that occur in the United States each year. Most children are placed in their adoptive homes as infants, but it is also possible to adopt from the foster care system.

How to Adopt Domestically

  • Private lawyer
  • Adoption agency
  • Through the foster system

The time frame and process for domestic infant adoption can be unpredictable and extended. Families can choose to adopt within the state of Indiana or out of state. Adoptions can be Open, Semi-Open or Closed. In most cases, the biological mother chooses the adoptive family. The cost of domestic infant adoption is $25,000 to $40,000.


International Adoption

Approximately 6,500 children are adopted from abroad each year including China, Ethiopia, Haiti, South Korea, Uganda, and Ukraine. The children are orphans because they have been abandoned by their parents or their parents have died. Most children are living in orphanages, while some live in foster care. Age at the time of adoption ranges from 0-13. The cost ranges from $25,000 to $40,000.

How to Adopt Internationally

  • Each country has a set of guidelines for adoptive parents
  • Many of these countries offer waivers if you do not meet the guidelines
  • Loving Shepherd Ministries can help you find which countries you qualify to adopt from
  • Choose an agency that works with that country
  • Select a home study agency, if you are using an out of state agency
  • Complete your dossier according to that country’s specifications

Special Needs Adoption / Waiting Children

A considerable number of international adoptions are considered “special needs.” Many people shy away from a country due to the large number of special needs children, but don’t let it scare you! These special needs are minor to severe, and most are medical needs that we would not consider special needs in the United States. In fact, every child that has lived in an orphanage could be considered special needs due the loss and trauma in their lives. These children blossom once placed in a loving family.