Adoptive and foster children have experienced traumatic events in their lives, such as abandonment, loss, abuse and neglect. These forms of trauma have the potential to impact every developmental area of a growing child. It can change a child at the core of who they are, impacting how they communicate, attach and behave. Due to past trauma, children from hard places have unique needs requiring intentional caregiving strategies.

Trauma Competent Caregiving (TCC) combines the best research from a variety of practitioners including Karyn Purvis, Bruce Perry, Deborah Gray, and Daniel Seigel.  It is an initiative of Back2Back Ministries and compiled by David and Jayne Schooler, who are recognized nationally and internationally as speakers/trainers in the field of adoption and foster care.

This training is ideal not only for adoptive and foster parents, but extended family, kids ministry workers, teachers, and more.  Additionally, we have many TCC resources on hand and are always available to answer questions and help you navigate caring for kids from hard places.